Chhadke Ni Jandi Song Share & Download

Chhadke Ni Jandi song has been released in 2021. This song has been sung by famous Bollywood singer Swar Kaur and music is given by Mix Singh & lyrics by Kulshan Sandhu. You can also share this song & download. Chhadke Ni Jandi song is Bollywood song, which many people prefer Bollywood songs. Chhadke Ni Jandi song download from our website and download all new Bollywood songs.

Chhadke Ni Jandi Song Share & Download

Swar Kaur are famous Bollywood singer and it has sung many songs of his career. Many people listen to Swar Kaur songs and even make their top playlists. You can also like and share this Chhadke Ni Jandi song. You can download Swar Kaur songs, you can listen to it online and watch songs of Mix Singh. You can also share Mix Singh album and Mix Singh new video. This song is music by Mix Singh and you can download and share new songs of Mix Singh.

Chhadke Ni Jandi Song Download

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Bollywood Chhadke Ni Jandi Song Casting

  • Bollywood Song: Chhadke Ni Jandi
  • Singer: Swar Kaur
  • Lyrics: Kulshan Sandhu
  • Cast: Swar Kaur |Mix Singh |Kulshan